Pretty excited about

Update: The honeymoon is over. Loved the service but it was a bit buggy. By the time they got it working they rolled out a paid only option. For the money I’ll switch to WP. So it goes…

Over the last several years I’ve made it a habit to tag articles, blog posts, book highlights and my conference and workshop notes with my values as I’ve been on a journey forming them in my leadership and business. And while I have gathered a lot of content, I’ve long resisted blogging in part because

  • I didn’t want to start what I wouldn’t finish,
  • couldn’t figure out how to share my learning in a way natural to my process,
  • had absolutely no desire to learn/manage a new platform.

However, I’m an avid Evernote user with 1,000’s of relevant notes and bookmarks tagged in such a way that I feel could be helpful for others … so when came along offering me a familiar platform to expose all that I had gathered and make it available, I got pretty excited. Lots more work to be done (filtering and cleaning up) but I’m off to a good start … I’ll be moving content over in the coming weeks, so check back often.

And I welcome your comments, suggestions, and ideas. This will be a lot more fun if we do it together … let’s do this!

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