Who’s the half-wit?


If you’ve ever worked in B2B, selling into larger companies (middle market), you know the importance of getting as much of a view into your customer’s team and processes as early and as often as possible. They are very complex.

Obviously, this can be a bit of a challenge.

Recently, I was in a meeting with a large prospect, and we had successfully walked through their company and identified several of their stakeholders. The core of our offering is to help them better understand their customer’s journey through their entire enterprise from marketing to customer support.

A tall order…

We love mapping journeys so getting through our customer’s enterprise should be no problem, right?

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Just the right amount of throttle.


I love motorcycle riding analogies. I hope it’s my love of the open road, but maybe it’s just my simple mind.

Either way, here’s another.

If you ride, you know the importance of balancing the road speed with your bike’s engine speed for the most optimal performance. When out of balance, you feel the machine below you laboring or even losing power and traction. At the wrong time, say in the lean of a sharp curve this can be dangerous. Or simply just distract from the pleasure of the moment.

But when it’s right… a tight curve on an optimized machine, WOW. The tighter the curve, the greater the lean and the potential for a better experience. Being in the moment with the road moving beneath you as you glide, aware of what is happening around you and fully in control. What a thrill.

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Pulled by vision, Pushed by pain



Often we are either pulled by vision or pushed by pain. It has been my experience that I can sometimes switch between the two, or even be driven by pain until I develop a clear vision.

This is true in much of life and in business.

As for business, there is profit to be had in solving pain for an identifiable customer or better yet, developing something that solves a pain one personally has experienced as it yields both compassion and passion. And that is very rewarding.

There is even greater joy in developing past the pain and into a vision of what was previously unimaginable. Not just the absence of pain (as that is rarely, if ever, possible), but more excitedly the crystallization of a vision that is much much bigger.

The power of vision is that it is compelling and sustaining when times get tough or new problems develop, as they often do. Read More